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The best voodoo priests of the world

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Top 10 Ranking of the best Voodoo Priests and Magicians for your successfull spells



1.Da. Djogbede

Voodoo Priest - Africa, Benin







2. Duo Kamanu Lamin + Mugambi Asowe

Voodoo Priest Spain


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3. Family Priest DAH, Priestess Fayola, Priestess Adagbe








4. Juan Bastista

Voodoo Priest of Cuba






5. Miriam Chamani

Priestess - New Orleans







6. Kaboo








7. Sheick

Marabout Afrika








8. Papa Shalunga

Bizango Priest - Afrika





9. Adagbe und Fayola







10.Helio Sillmann

Voodoopriest of Rio de Janeiro


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The world`s best voodoo priests

Los mejores sacerdotes del vudú del mundo

Les meilleurs prêtres vaudou du monde

Die besten Voodoo Priester der Welt


The world `s best voodoo priests - The best Top 10 voodoo priests of the world - The Top 10 ranking



The 5 best Voodoo priests from the past



Marie Lareau

Voodoo Queen of Luisiana - deceaced


Duttu Buckman

Voodoo Priest of Haiti - deceaced


Pa Neezer

Voodoo Priest of Trinidad - deceaced



Voodoo Priest Africa -deceaced


Wesner Morency

Voodoo Priest of Haiti - deceaced

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Voodoopriest Top 10

Sacerdotesvudú Top 10

Prêtresvaudou Top 10

Voodoopriester Top 10


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The best voodoo priests of 2018


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